Barry Lacour, a Mississippi-born Louisiana native, had his first encounter with
a saxophone at age 13. This exposure led to a musical career which took him
from the back alleys of Nashville to some of the finest hotels and clubs in New
Orleans. Along the way, he picked up a degree in music education and an
avid interest in composing. His first songwriting efforts actually occurred years
earlier when he penned a tune which was recorded by a budding Nashville
artist. In college, he turned to a more serious vein, producing a classical piece
for saxophone and small orchestral band. Since then, he has logged over fifty
compositions to his credit ranging from country to rock to jazz.Barry's first
professional appearance came at 14 years of age as an alto saxophonist with
a small Nashville group. This progressed through his education at Loyola
College of Music in Louisiana where he was a featured soloist with the concert
band. After graduation, he continued to play, and in recent years, has been
associated with some of the more prominent cover bands in the Greater New
Orleans area. In this, his second CD, Barry has combined his creative writing
and arranging talents with his considerable prowess on the tenor sax,
resulting in an all-original smorgasbord of musical delights to tempt the
palates of aficionados drawn to the smooth jazz genre---so sit back, relax, and
enjoy. Bon Appetit!
This is  the title song from the Heads Up album
Barry Lacour
Music provided for
Prince of
Conjurers website
courtesy of Barry