About the Author

Laurie L. Bolanos lives below sea level in a small cottage on the edge of a city shaped like a bowl. When
given the opportunity, she doesn't mind hopping a few states over to enjoy  Gulf breezes and to dip her
toes in the ocean.  She likes to take long walks on the beach, sip the occasional piña colada, and soak in
the rays of the sun.  No matter the venue, her preference is to be barefoot. However, she will bend to
social expectations and don a pair of shoes when necessary.  
She enjoys attending a monthly drumming circle at which she was, in fact, told she has a "natural ability."
Loving the vibrations of the drum, she has also invested time with tuning-fork therapy, although she has
not yet been certified in the art.  
Laurie comes from an Italian family and can prove it with her DNA results from 23andMe which has
confirmed that she is 40.4% Italian. Other nationalities need not feel left out as she also has French,
German, British, Irish, Iberian, Balkan, Sardinian, Scandinavian, Ashkenazi, Middle Eastern, West African,
and Yakut ancestry, proving by her very existence that we are one world and should not be divided by
She started writing
Prince of Conjurers in December of 2008 and plugged away at it until giving you the
completed version you now hold in your hands. Although it is her debut novel, she insists there are plenty
more stories swirling around inside her mind, so keep an eye out for more titles in the future. Hopefully the
next book won't take so long!
If you want to contact Laurie, you can email her at