By: Laurie L. Bolanos
Based on Gaston Leroux's classic novel, The Phantom of the Opera.

What if the Phantom of the Opera changed his mind after releasing Christine and Raoul?

                  What if he staged his own death?

      What if he intended to claim Christine as his own?

Weeks after staging his own death, Erik follows Christine and her husband to New Orleans, discarding
his Phantom of the Opera persona and leaving his past behind. Now as the Prince of Conjurers, he
seeks assistance from New Orleans' Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau. His mission: to procure Christine's
soul. When Erik conjures his beloved into another woman's body, it doesn't work quite as he plans. As
he tries to fix his mistake, he receives help from an unexpected source, and Erik accesses a power he
never knew he possessed.

After losing her cheating husband in a painful divorce and her house to Hurricane Katrina, Juliana
François decides to start a new life. She buys a fixer-upper in the French Quarter filled with hidden
artifacts, including an unusual bracelet that changes the course of her life. With the help of attractive
antiquities expert Heath Smith, she learns of the bracelet's fascinating history. Then an unexpected
reading from Star, a Voodoo practitioner, who believes in past lives, leaves her with more questions than
answers. Julie takes the ultimate risk to discover who she was...before she was born.
EBOOK released 4/3/15
Paperback Released 4/15/15